Westside Rd dogs barking Mar 23, 2017 LIVE for over an hour


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March 23, 2018 barking at Valley of the Sun LIVE for over an hour.

This streaming started at 8:02pm

At 21 minutes is the dog that barks at night chasing wildlife. I have been told it kills coyotes. So this is a warning that you may hear something dying.

The RDCO will not take my complaints. They say they have investigated and found no barking. That is because the one dog doesn’t usually bark for longer than 5 minutes steady but barks sporadic often all day, and RDCO won’t come out when I call them and tell them there is bad barking for 3 hours. RDCO always has to attend in following days when the dog is not barking. I am now banned from complaining about barking for 8 years.

Please help me complain. Please help stop these people from bullying me out of my home. I can’t afford any other home. I live in the cheapest.

If you wish to help me and these dogs, please call Regional District of Central Okanagan (RDCO or CORD as they have been termed as well) RDCO Chief Administrative Officer Brian Reardon at 250-801-3494 and tell him what you are listening to, and how these poor dogs need help so they are not so anxious or bored having to bark at everything all day long. It is making me sick.

You have the option to turn this barking off, I don’t!!! Please help and make a complaint to RDCO at the number above, because RDCO refuse to do anything unless more people complain.

To see photos and read more of this story click this link and read the part where it says “How Valley of the Sun has changed my life” http://www.okanaganlakebc.ca/community/news/westside_road.htm

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