Westside Road Barking Dogs Live Audio Stream


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Its never been so quiet .. looks like this live audio stream of the barking is working to stop the barking that the authorities were useless at stopping. From now on, I am only going to start live streaming when the dogs are barking too much.

If have to shut down for awhile, please click on the link again a little later to restart. If the dogs start barking a lot, I will turn it back on again. You may have to click on this link again to get it to start, I am not sure. https://www.youtube.com/user/okanaganlakebc/live

Westside Road barking dogs who bark in excess of the dog bylaw and/or bark overnight are on live.
There is a bit of a time delay by about 15 seconds depending on how fast the internet is maybe. There is no video to this live feed, just audio of what it sounds like in a rural area 45 minutes from town.

The Regional District of Central Okanagan dog bylaw https://www.regionaldistrict.com/media/117539/bylaw1343.pdf states that more than 5 minutes of steady barking or 15 minutes sporadic barking is a violation of the dog bylaw, but RDCO does nothing about excessive barking. RDCO requires more than one property to complain, because that is RDCO’s policy.

There is pretty much daily barking in violation of the dog bylaw, and more than enough to annoy the average person. At Valley of the Dogs, there are no normal people. They are all a bunch of nut cases that nobody seems to care. Living at Valley of the Dogs is like living in a dog kennel with at least one dog barking a lot of the time.

Best times to listen is about supper time for two dogs that sound farther away. Then there is the loud yard dog that barks sporadic all day every 5 – 10 minutes and sometimes in excess of RDCO’s dog bylaw. This dog that barks sporadic all day gets annoying, when it barks for over a minute or two every time it barks, and many times it will bark for more than three and four minutes at a time. Then there is another two dogs that are loud as well. One of the two dogs can bark steady for an hour at times while the other barks sporadic. These two barked most days but have since ceased their excess daily barking the last month or so. Then there is one howling and one barking, most times on a Saturday night, but these two have become more rare the last couple years compared to a few years back. Maybe because two other dogs took their place, who knows?? People can’t seem to take their dogs out to the bathroom first thing in the morning for a pee without barking either.

Would you like to listen to barking all day long and not be able to complain to anyone about it? We know that the RDCO has banned a person from complaining for over 8 years now, that RDCO were not doing their job.
RDCO got pissed and banned them for complaining and not quitting. That person is still complaining, only in different ways now. There are physical protests with signs and now live audio of the barking, and more protesting with signs.

Some dogs bark and chase wildlife at night, some dogs bark sporadic all day, some yard dogs bark steady for 4 hours at a time while their owner is either not home or at work. Another yard dog barks sporadic every few minutes or so most of the day without acknowledgement, what can a person do about a corrupt system that turns against a person, but keep fighting for whats right!!!

A person has to think about the poor defenseless dogs. They must have raw throats from being so anxious all the time!!!

There is also quads and snowmobiles and dirt bikes and golf carts and go carts driving around the subdivision on the roads. Then there is the neighbor who works on cars and revs the engine up excessively several times per day at times. I have never heard an engine rev like that, its no wonder work has to be done on the vehicle all the time reving it like that… its no wonder it don’t just blow up. You will hear all kinds of noise including coyotes yipping at times.

If you can’t hear anything, just wait a bit and soon enough you will hear something. You will know its playing live if you see a red dot to the right of the word LIVE next to the play button.

When its windy, you may hear a tarp flapping, in case you were wondering what that noise is. And you should be able to hear some loud tail pipes too. There is one good one that drives by sometime around 11pm and midnight or thereafter at times waking people up on purpose I am sure. The one dog owner with the loud muffler said on video that she lets her dogs bark to piss me off. https://youtu.be/a-4q4xoN9zg

If you want to say something to the RCMP or RDCO about all this barking, you can contact them at the following:

Regional District of Central Okanagan Chief Administrative Officer 250-801-3494
RCMP in Enderby BC 250-838-6818

But hopefully this live audio will take care of all the barking because the authorities can’t seem to do anything about it but ban me and take me to court.

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